Carving Out a Path For Fall

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Before you start carving those pumpkins, it’s paramount that you carve out a business strategy for the fall season. Ever try to cut a face into a jack-o-lantern without first drawing out a plan in sharpie? You can do it, but you would arguably have an easier time and a cleaner result with a little bit of a guideline. The Fall season is quickly approaching, which means it is the perfect time to start planning for your upcoming business activity. As your clients return from their summery vacations, you’ll want to be at the ready to serve all of their needs.

When it comes to bettering your business it’s never too early to begin determining which goals you have for the company and which strategic plan best helps you achieve them. Fall is an excellent time to consider increasing your business as it happens immediately after people are rested from their summer vacations and with just enough time before people will be away again for the holidays. However, if you need a way to keep in touch with your clients even when they are off skiing, consider native apps—a new service which Galley Creative Group now provides to our clients.

Have your clients download the custom app we build for you and send out push notifications, updates, notify them of new events, deals, and more. Want to make a more tangible impression? Our award-winning design team can create original print materials perfectly branded for your business. If you need a stronger digital presence, the websites we build are clean and easily navigable to provide your clients with a hassle-free experience when learning about your services. And if you don’t know how to even begin carving a pumpkin, Galley offers strategic planning sessions to all of our clients to map out the best possible business path for each and every client. Call or email us today at 410-997-7777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help turn this into this:

pumpkin vgpumpkin

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To Everything There is a Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

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Every company experiences months that rake in more business than others (that was an autumn pun). For example, medical facilities gain a lot of new patients after the first icy day of winter when slipping accidents turn into injuries. Gyms experiences a huge increase in business at the start of January, as the most popular New Year’s Resolution made by Americans is to get in shape for the New Year. Conversely, home maintenance companies often see business boom in the spring, after the elements have taken a toll on their houses, just as magazines see a surge when their new Summer Fun edition comes out. The new autumn season begins on September 22nd, and whether or not this season means a change in activity for your business, you should be planning for it now.

For any company, autumn is the time of year to ramp up your business. Why? First, most businesses are settling back to a consistent presence, after many clients and employees alike have been absent for summer vacation. Second, Fall is a season sandwiched between another popular period of absence—the winter holidays. If changes are to be made or things need to be accomplished, autumn is the ideal time to kick into high gear before we sink into holiday food and fireside naps and wait for 2017 to begin. Take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish in the Fall. Whatever that may be, Galley Creative Group has you covered.

Our team has the knowledge and creative expertise to build whatever helps your company reach its goal in the most effective way. Need a stronger web presence? We can build or update a website. Desire more customer interaction? We manage all social media platforms. Want to make a memorable impression? We design custom, award-winning print pieces. Need a stronger identity? Our logos are strong and smart. Don’t know what you want? Not you worry, we have you covered there too—Galley Creative Group also offers strategic planning sessions to help illuminate the best course of action for your business. Call or email us today:  410-997-7777 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..