Ahhh, landing pages

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What's really wonderful about microsites or landing pages is the power they have [if well-conceived] to drive Search Engine Optimization [SEO].  Think about the way we prospected in days of yore...we sent direct mail, attended networking meetings, and made cold calls...all of which are valid techniques, though very costly in time and dollars.  Now though, the cost and time effectiveness of driving SEO while prospecting and garnering measureable data via specific microsites, is well worth noting.  For example, imagine you want to expand, opening an office in another location.  Your market research suggests it's a viable investment, but you want more assurance.  One option is to create a microsite/landing page specifically directed to the new location, filled with information local visitors need and links to your primary site, along with calls to action to gather prospecting data.   It's a great option; it works, while saving both human and financial resources.  We think it deserves an ahhhh

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