Savvy businesses are going mobile; are you?

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Our world is social; our customers and clients conduct most of their searching and shopping on their mobile devices.  So it stands to reason that, as businesses, we need to be there too.  But what do we mean by apps? First, there are two kinds.  If you have a current responsive website, you also have a mobile web app which is your website, sized for a mobile device.  A native app, in contrast, is installed in an app store, can be downloaded to an ipad, iphone or android device, and uses the operational system of the device.  If you've downloaded a card game to play on your phone while you wait for new tires at the store, you've used a native app.  So, every business needs a responsive website and mobile web app, but not everyone has a native app--those who do, reach and communicate better with their target market.  Does your business need both? Yes. 

Why is a native app so important to business?

  • 95% of smartphone users look for local information and then 90% take action.
  • in 2015 alone, mobile use accounted for sales of $163 billion worldwide, and that number is growing
  • mobile brings cutting edge technology and expanded awareness to your brand
  • with over 75% of the world's population using mobile devices, the app is the easiest/fastest way to connect, increase traffic to your business, communicate

What is the process?

  • Galley designs 'on- brand' native mobile solutions for the ipad, iphone and android.
  • As brand specialists, Galley provides a personal, at the fingertips, experience for your contacts.
  • We design, upload to the app store, launch, and set up hosting for you.  It's seamless.

Call Galley today, 410.997.7777, to discuss a customized native app for your company.  

The Value of Current, Relevant, Rich Content

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In our world, we have watched rich content rise to the top of essential elements in any online communication.  Search engines continue to evolve, helping users find the content they need, while sifting through stale content, ignoring it.  So the website owner or email messenger or social media maven all know that without rich content, the business is floating in cyberspace, invisible to the online community.

Not only must all content be rich, it absolutely must be current and relevant.  And that takes time and expertise.

Businesses work within budgets, so recalling the owner investment you made several years ago to build the site, or the time it takes to create relevant content, you might, as the busy owner, ask for a stay in the designer's nudging for quality, current content.  But, we all need that nudge because SEO and the user/client/customer/patient demand it.

Eric Schmidt, Google's former CEO, is credited with saying "every 2 days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003." Given the equally famous phrase, " using the internet is like drinking from a firehose" [occasionally credited to Mitch Kapor as a variation on Jerome Weisner, among others] and thinking about how much information now lives in that firehose, it's important, as owners, to make the investment in current, relevant, rich content if your goal is connecting with your customer.