New Year, Strategic, Check-in

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 If you are an established business, you have a strategic plan that you update, at least annually.  That plan includes a review of the past year/it's accomplishments and identified areas of improvement, and a revisiting and assessment of short and long term goals.
If you are an established business without a strategic plan or a new business in search of one, rather than viewing it as an obstacle, think of a strategic check-in like a retreat to a dude ranch, or a spa, or whatever re-energizes you.  Because that's exactly what a good strategic plan will do for your company.
Even those who eschew rules and structure, know, secretly, how valuable it is to have clearly defined goals with an understanding of the resources  needed to meet deadlines.  And those who succeed in business growth know it's enabled by the clarity of strategic goals. 

So, start the year right.  Gather your shareholders and take the time to plan strategically.  Not only will it support your success, it feels so good to have clarity of corporate or nonprofit direction.

Finding Grace this Holiday Season

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Having finished our Thanksgiving leftovers and having remembered how many things we truly have to be thankful for, we enter December at a dead run, anticipating more family time, lots of comfort food and celebrations during the holidays to come. By any definition, December requires energy, and it deserves grace.
We just saw Kathleen Turner in Arena Stage's production of The Year of Magical Thinking based on Joan Dideon's memoir.  It was powerful, emotional, and fully engaging of both mind and heart.   Turner herself is a force; she was brilliant.  The director said Turner was interested in doing this uniquely difficult play because she wanted to bring its 'grace' to the stage--she did.  At the end, you feel you have shared experiences so deeply personal, that stepping back into your day to day life-- outside of that narrative-- takes a moment.  And at the end, you hope to know similar grace yourself. You also realize how difficult and different each individual's experiences can be.
So, amid the energy sapping bustle, as we all gear up for the final month of 2016's joyful occasions, our holiday wish is that we too find grace, in the inclusion, understanding and warmth we each extend in our personal, professional, and global lives.  Happy Holidays!