The Galley Creative Group Celebrates its 15th Year!

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Do we look a little different? As Galley celebrates 15 years of business, we take a moment to look back on all we have accomplished and are nothing short of grateful to have branded so many wonderful companies helping them grow their business. 

Now, as we hit the big one-five, we are excited to apply a refresh to ourselves. We hope you enjoy our anniversary logo and color palette as much as we do! The past 15 years have been incredible, and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead!


How Successful Startups Began

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Ever wonder about the story behind some of the most popular social media websites? Check out these infographics to get the inside scoop on how some of the most successful startups came to be, as well as other infographics with plenty of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. While creating a new startup can be risky and frustrating, you can get inspired by these amazing people. For example, the story of instagram began with co- founder, Kevin Systrom, learning how to code at night after work, quitting his job, and creating an unsuccessful first prototype. Now, the rest is history with instagram not only being the #1 photo app but also selling for $1 billion. There is also the story of Air BnB which came out of necessity when two roommates could not afford their expensive rent. Check out more stories here!

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