Check out what each state googled the most in 2014

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2014 was filled with many events that affected pop culture from the World Cup, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the Ebola outbreak. The internet is a great way to educate yourself with information on all these popular subjects. Thanks to Google Trends we can see what the most popular searches were in each state.

Maryland's top searches were Pharrell's Hat, Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, Chelsea Manning, and Piers Morgan. Virginia's top searches included Tucker Carlson, Boko Haram, and White House Security. Some of the more humorous results include “Are Zombies real?” from Texas and “What is a selfie?” from New York.

Check out the rest of the country's results here! Let us know your favorites by commenting on our facebook!

Commemorative Art

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An absolute about brand awareness is do not miss an opportunity to build it - which leads us to thoughts of anniversaries.  In celebrating milestones, businesses can solidify credibility, launch new products and services, build excitement among staff, enhance customer loyalty, refresh identity, and most importantly, generate greater brand awareness.  Commemorative art demonstrates stability, builds equity and works well on celebratory products and in messaging for:

  • notes or gifts to acknowledge and thank clients/customers
  • promotional banners, corporate literature, trade exhibit and sales material
  • website and social media posts
  • internal or external challenges/contests
  • specialized campaigns

Commemorative art reminds everyone of your market position while building brand.

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