Is your business making these website mistakes?

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Your business's website is more important than ever--it can make or break your company's online presence. A bad website can not only confuse consumers, but it can also turn them away. How do you know if you have a good website? Check out these 10 website mistakes not to make. Mistakes include unprofessional copy, readability issues, inconsistency, and more. Read on to see all 10 mistakes here



Engaging Consumers in the Media

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In a recent Wall Street Journal Article, , Are you engaging consumers on their terms?...How social and mobile media are shaking up retail,  David Abney of UPS says there are no 'new consumers'-- they are "just  newly empowered." UPS's search for the answer to what technically savvy consumers want yielded these answers, all of which are applicable across retail markets:

·        As flex shoppers, consumers want both physical and cyberspace options. [yes, they still want the store]

·        Consumers want all of the information desired to be immediately available, whether about products or delivery.

·        They do not want to be charged for delivery or returns.

·        Accuracy and flexibility of delivery are now even more important than time.

      So, as businesses talking to our newly empowered clients, our role is to provide them opportunity, product, and buying platforms, seamlessly, both in physical and cyberspace, because as Abney  points out, "It's the consumer's world. We all just work here."