2016 Internal Brand Audit

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By definition an audit is a thorough investigation/examination.  And while, typically, the reference is to financial records, a new year also brings an opportunity for an internal brand audit.  Think about the ways your brand is displayed and measured.  Most businesses attend to everything they can but often miss crucial brand updates unless they audit regularly.  And although the word 'audit' may engender disquiet, a shared internal brand audit can be great for morale, business growth, and even, dare I say, 'fun'.  

First, take a day and plan a genuine opportunity for you and your staff to carefully evaluate your brand.  Pop some popcorn, bring in lunch, dress casually, listen, and come prepared with specific goals for the session and copies of the  mission, vision and brand art.  Share those and then get started.

1.  Begin by listing all of the ways customers/referrals/partners view your brand.  For example,

  • exterior signage
  • interior signage
  • website
  • microsites/landing pages
  • print collateral
  • social media sites
  • press
  • email and enewsletters

[start with a general list like the one above and then challenge everyone to drill down with as  many specific details as they can]

2.  Divide up the attendees, assigning teams to each of the brand representations, and have each team address these questions:

  • are the  mission, vision, and brand accurately, currently, vividly, relevantly displayed? If not, what are the suggestions for improvement. [stress the importance of detailed responses]
  • list any questions your group posed, also

3. Get back together so each group can report their findings and suggestions.

Have lunch together, talking informally about the day's topics.

4.  Regroup to Draft a strategic plan for the next six months including steps to take, resources needed, persons responsible, deadlines, measurement for success.

Close the day out with dinner/ a movie/ or a field trip. And follow up on all of the items in the plan.

Your staff knows and represents your business best, so their voices are both most informed and most important.  A day spent together on an internal audit may be the best thing you do for your company this year--and it can be fun.

Putting our best foot forward

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It's January, ushering in a new year with exciting opportunities... and, all of us sincerely plan to put our best foot forward. Resolutions are refreshing, we may even keep one or two , but whether we succeed, or slip off the path of good intentions a bit, they are still fun and mean all sorts of different things.  Sharing  a few suggestions for resolutions on putting your best foot forward this year:

1.  from  a foot clinic: stop wearing shoes that hurt your feet

2.  from the skateboarding community: have fun! Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2015

3.  from a state park: start the year with a hike

4.  from college students: stop wearing pants when I go out; wear a dress, meditate daily, quit smoking

5.  from Malcolm Forbes: live and dream

6.  from the wellness/heath/fitness world:  eat well, exercise, relax, enjoy

7.  from the running world: find your focus, choose realistic goals, reinforce good behavior from the beginning, be a good coach to yourself

8.  from the AirForce: start small, change one behavior at a time, talk about it, don't beat yourself up, ask for support

9.  from all of us: work on relationships, take time for yourself, give back, smile more. Askville by Amazon credits Sir Thomas Overbury with coining the phrase 'Put your best foot forward' in 1613.  It retains its original meaning today, "to embark on a journey or task with purpose and gusto."  And that's exactly what we plan to do here at Galley.  We look forward to seeing each of you in 2016.